Water Garden Wish

Water gardens, quietly rushing,

Peaceful and soothing,

Washing, soul renewing,

Would you take me on your deep reward?

Where wistful warmth borrows my being?

Where skies are clear and children believing?

To my wonder, my writing, my wishful wandering,

Over the walls your water falls.

Will you please wash my burdens free?

Would you euphorically and courageously

Release all my dreams,

So I can one day breathe?

5 thoughts on “Water Garden Wish

  1. Love this, Austin. I really enjoy the Water Gardens also. Keep writing your beautiful words. They go deep and inspire .
    Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. WOWZA! AMAZING BEAMING BEAUTY~ Joy stocked dear friend. You are rejoiced, renewed, washed & cleansed by the waters purity, now set sail your dreams are flowing freely. Evermore will they be. Keep sowing the seeds & bedazzled by knowing, Earth is honouring, giving & saying “Sing softly you love to me. I will help you create, explore & see new found beauty in my seed’s, your heart is my voice. Your gifting me, heaven knows you where brought here to bring…~ Love, love, love.L.O.V.E Loving You is so easy


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