Treasure starts inside the heart.

But words have never lost their part!

Would you come and see?

Help free words residing inside of me?

Woken with writing, my special gift.

How could words have weariness?

Would words wander?

Would they wish?

Could they escape with unbroken lips?

Words written won’t be missed.

Words won’t always bring happiness,

But words whether spoken or well writ

Should always be handled like God’s gift,

Used for worthy worldy blisss

And delivered like a mother’s kiss.

Looking words in the mouth,

We could write or we could talk.

Would we upend or mend?

We can choose the words we use.

But while treasure starts inside the heart,

Words have never lost their part.

Bee Free

Bees move like lightning

Filling up the sky

Having little friends

Fluttering lovingly up high

Moving, buzzing, gliding

Being beautiful like queens

Rushing, chasing, spying

Going where they please

If near, quick, start to run

Bolt, run, rush

Hovering wildly in the sun

Boldly Grasping Art

Hi serious art lovers,

Art borrows portraits from life and lets us create our own representation while pursuing a love of learning something new. Before I asked to learn to draw a lot of people wondered what I saw. Art is first a way for me to express myself without words, but also passes on bold answers, to questions about what I see. Adriana patiently has taught me how to get what I see on paper.

I probably will wonder all my life what is so different about what I see, but art accepts what our perceptions are, and embraces them as opportunity. Our world is a much brighter place with art.

August Angels

Angels and memories 

On a warm summer scene

A borrowed open sea

Straight out of a dream

A boy and a tree

A moment of ago

Too perfect to be

Port of cares carry with thee

A piece of that memory

August Angels watching over me

Who told you owed poor ole me?

Worry not you majestic beasts

One quiet boy couldn’t bring so much need

Wonder often

Only one who sees? 

My Silent Wish

About a world owed.

World would you glide

With open arms borrowed

And worn on

A wonder and a wish?

A beautiful soul writing

A world such as this

A wobbly-eyed guy

Wrought with wordless lips

A simple gift.

Would you carry my best possible words

On Angel’s wings and

Boldly give a hug and a kiss

To both my grandmas who I dearly miss?

May they know words unspoken,

Borrowed calm owed,

God’s eternal bliss,

A wonder and a wealth.

Our courage our continuing list

Of a word for a love such as this,

Coming from a grandson

With a silent wish.

When Mountains Talk


Wake my soul with wisdom inspired by the wealth of God’s quiet presence in these mountains.

When I step I have wishes granted and dreams are born.

Writing my own path I am looking towards an exciting future with adventures.

Looking on this bright horizon I am,

Wanting so rare a silent word that could say as much as today wandering on this mountain did for me.

Courage attuned and silence graciously embraced.

Real presence you quietly breathe.

Weekend Without Labor

When I heard Cole was flying in I seemed to look around for those promised words to occur from the moment I sleepily arrived back in Texas. When the brisk wonder of Cole would actually get here would he courageously offer his wealth of wit and humor or proudly show his strength by picking me up? 

Well when he walked out of the airport baggage claim we got a good hug but the rest could be enjoyed later. Cole and I both share a glorious sized place in our stomachs for Freebirds. We stopped,  ate, shared conversation and left in the rain for home. 

Would we welcome summers end with counting our close caught in a rain filled weekend at the lake? Wondering this I assured myself that any time spent with Cole would bring both of us lots of laughs. We did laugh and the rain stopped. 

Brothers are a gift from God woven by love and experiences.


Embracing Beauty

When I saw you, embracing you with my wild eyes,

I saw elongated petals

With swimming lines


With orange spotted pistils

While your boldness could not be ignored

You are wearing my favorite color

When I look with my other senses

I see more

I might smell your unique wonder

Feel your simple silhouette with opposing beauty

Owing nothing and yet giving so much

When I looked, I saw



Water Garden Wish

Water gardens, quietly rushing,

Peaceful and soothing,

Washing, soul renewing,

Would you take me on your deep reward?

Where wistful warmth borrows my being?

Where skies are clear and children believing?

To my wonder, my writing, my wishful wandering,

Over the walls your water falls.

Will you please wash my burdens free?

Would you euphorically and courageously

Release all my dreams,

So I can one day breathe?

Looping Wishes

When you work on something for pleasure powerful emotions emerge when you complete that project. When working on a task for my independence I never want the memory to fade. Half hesitant lost dependence is life as I live it under my sentiments. Mirrors remind me rising height quietly mocks my newest success carelessly. Completely  capable, clearly with some challenges, I’m surrounded by love; cognitive, albeit sounding like I’m not.  All making me even more determined when life might not brazenly educate me.

Living my quite surprisingly boring life can be completely satisfying when I can see perseverance, courage and love.  It brings me one slightly loosely tied shoe closer to a life I dream will one day be my own.

When you ask me how does it feel to finally tie my shoes…

We yelled

We were elated

We went out


When little by little my independence becomes elevated

Looping wishes no longer feel quite so complicated