Writing My Brother

Writing you, brother.
Would you borrow tomorrow
And become worlds away?
Or fill today
With these words I’m about to say?
What we have
Isn’t just a mom and dad,
We have brother
Love for one another.
With all my memories
Shiny and glimmering
With value and respect,
I would like to collect
And never forget
The moments we’ve shared,
All the times you’ve cared.
But when brothers would write with
Words to reminisce,
We can never wonder. Did I ever say this?
I love you.
Written so it’s never expired,
Wondered, or born of necessity.
Written from me,
Well, could it possibly be
That you and me
Are the best part
of a family?
Love abruptly.
These words are because
I know you can’t get enough of me.

Your brother,

One thought on “Writing My Brother

  1. So touching and meaningful. I might forward it on to my brother. Is is a special kind of love. I know Cole will appreciate this poem


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