Embracing Beauty

When I saw you, embracing you with my wild eyes,

I saw elongated petals

With swimming lines


With orange spotted pistils

While your boldness could not be ignored

You are wearing my favorite color

When I look with my other senses

I see more

I might smell your unique wonder

Feel your simple silhouette with opposing beauty

Owing nothing and yet giving so much

When I looked, I saw



One thought on “Embracing Beauty

  1. So touched & love the way you see & embrace the world! I imagine what will become when we all open our eyes to the way in which you see & acknowledge all sentient beings. It brings great joy to my heart.
    ( I have a daughter Evie who see’s & types the world like you & it fills me with such overwhelming sense of joy <3) Thank you for sharing your exquisite beauty with us. I am & have just been awe smacked by your heart again & again. We are so grateful to have come to know you threw this special space your words create. Yellow is Evie's favourite colour too ;0)
    All our love & very best wishes, & please keep sharing, it is pure joy in our heart to read the beauty off your heart & soul. Our love xx00xx


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