Sharing Memories

I will be sharing more special times with my writing so my memories won’t get lost in my silence.


Knowing I smile proving music pleases my senses, plowing through songs writing using my knowledge, I remember when my brother would quite unusually play what simply sounded very musically close to what I heard in my head. This wouldn’t  just happen. Much work went into the process. We would discuss the time signature, key, chords and melody. He played my songs different ways then listened to what pieces slipped, far from perfectly, with my fingers trying to show the melody. The symmetry we shared will pleasantly remind me of who I know him to be. Remembering these musical times, thinking of our unique bond, lessens the pain I feel through his distance.



To my mellow friend,

Remembering much thoughtfulness towards me when my pizza irritatingly was delivered with cheese.

Thank you,

Silent e





Knowing I can help makes me feel like I have purpose. Learning how to wash the pot and pitcher filled me with much pride.