August Angels

Angels and memories 

On a warm summer scene

A borrowed open sea

Straight out of a dream

A boy and a tree

A moment of ago

Too perfect to be

Port of cares carry with thee

A piece of that memory

August Angels watching over me

Who told you owed poor ole me?

Worry not you majestic beasts

One quiet boy couldn’t bring so much need

Wonder often

Only one who sees? 

My Silent Wish

About a world owed.

World would you glide

With open arms borrowed

And worn on

A wonder and a wish?

A beautiful soul writing

A world such as this

A wobbly-eyed guy

Wrought with wordless lips

A simple gift.

Would you carry my best possible words

On Angel’s wings and

Boldly give a hug and a kiss

To both my grandmas who I dearly miss?

May they know words unspoken,

Borrowed calm owed,

God’s eternal bliss,

A wonder and a wealth.

Our courage our continuing list

Of a word for a love such as this,

Coming from a grandson

With a silent wish.