Looping Wishes

When you work on something for pleasure powerful emotions emerge when you complete that project. When working on a task for my independence I never want the memory to fade. Half hesitant lost dependence is life as I live it under my sentiments. Mirrors remind me rising height quietly mocks my newest success carelessly. Completely  capable, clearly with some challenges, I’m surrounded by love; cognitive, albeit sounding like I’m not.  All making me even more determined when life might not brazenly educate me.

Living my quite surprisingly boring life can be completely satisfying when I can see perseverance, courage and love.  It brings me one slightly loosely tied shoe closer to a life I dream will one day be my own.

When you ask me how does it feel to finally tie my shoes…

We yelled

We were elated

We went out


When little by little my independence becomes elevated

Looping wishes no longer feel quite so complicated



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