Christmas List

Would we blindly trust,

With someone we love,

To bring us up

Looking with bliss

To the one true gift?

This Christmas

We can wish and wish

For beginnings and lists,

But will we believe,

Look, and receive

The one gift

not found under the tree?

I plan to see,

beginning with this:

We are all promised words of love,

The one true gift

who is God above.

I will begin this,

Without any wish or lists,

With our love and His wish.

We are worthy because we are His.

I just wanted to tell you, when you ask for my list,

It’s short

and it reads like this:

There are people who we need to feed.

They don’t have homes like you and me.

They are brothers and sisters,

Wives and misters.

We can give them socks

to heal their blisters.

But every day they pray.

We don’t know the words they say

Because we haven’t listened.

With you and me

They can receive

a gift with our wishes brought from their lists.

And people can see

Love not found

under a tree

When we care

for the least of these.

This is my list,

and I wish you all a Merry Christmas .