To Milo

Will you open the words with written worlds

Of boys and girls?

With a look inside a book

Your wonder will be carried away.

So that one day,

When your hair is gray,

When the children say

“Will you please tell me

A wonderful story”,

Their words will remind you of worlds of magical,

Upside down and theatrical

Times you had with Hagrid

And a boy who was gifted with magic.

And you will remember what it was

To be filled with love,

And that books were enough

Until that time when you snuggled

Words not uttered from a Muggle!

But a story was told

By a Poppa who was bold,

And as you rested your head

Those words he said

Would open your eyes

To a whole new life.

And in that moment you would realize

The gift inside a man so wise

That should be shared

With those who care.

And you will begin

Telling stories, like him.


Uncle Austin

I wrote this poem for my nephew Milo last Christmas. I especially love him and his love for books is something I share with him. Who doesn’t love a good story?

When he was younger I remember the first time he heard a bedtime story from his Poppa. Wonder and excitement lit his voice opening his mind to a special gift we will all pass along .

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