Weekend Without Labor

When I heard Cole was flying in I seemed to look around for those promised words to occur from the moment I sleepily arrived back in Texas. When the brisk wonder of Cole would actually get here would he courageously offer his wealth of wit and humor or proudly show his strength by picking me up? 

Well when he walked out of the airport baggage claim we got a good hug but the rest could be enjoyed later. Cole and I both share a glorious sized place in our stomachs for Freebirds. We stopped,  ate, shared conversation and left in the rain for home. 

Would we welcome summers end with counting our close caught in a rain filled weekend at the lake? Wondering this I assured myself that any time spent with Cole would bring both of us lots of laughs. We did laugh and the rain stopped. 

Brothers are a gift from God woven by love and experiences.


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