Grand Man Grandpa


Should this sweet bond be broken                                    Coy

What quick writing who thinks he doesn’t know                

He knew so much long ago

Clinging to what winter has sewn

Mending Holes of those once known

Going slow

Heading home


Wish I had written sooner so you would know

I’m honored to be part of your family


Will you shape nostalgically

What you knew when I couldn’t see

Feeling, love knowing me


Tattered faith will refreshingly remember the years God’s grace granted thee


There are nonetheless fraying threads inside your memory

Underneath where this broke through is a winter mind handing out its final salute.

Believe me when I say to you

Waving with respectful youth

Reason first that I’ve dreamed of you kneeling before God’s feet

Years ago, asking safety for saving your heart

Swallowing sea, unable to breathe.


Writing to my grandpa rising vision I plainly see

Our spoken words will make plenty want to sentimentally know this man

Who wanted us to quiver on bended knee

Worshiping for who his plowing brought seeds

And grants us life eternally


My sight is promised if I believe

Speaking to my youth

Watching you

I do


When faced with adversity you only showed integrity


My wish for you

My little speech

Try with your voicing authoritatively

Declaring definitively

My God, that boy can see!


Grandpa sampling what so wonderfully lives inside of me

Because you so lovingly took the time to plant a seed

Thank you from a twig of your tree

Love me

2 thoughts on “Grand Man Grandpa

    1. Lorie through RPM my writing will promise to improve . RPM quietly spills thoughts out letter blaring quality , slowly growing into so much glory , that I bring more of my thoughts out all of the time. Say hi to my glitter girl. Thank you


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