More Than Sum Squared Number

Beautiful numbers high as infinity
Nothing borrowed without consent
Ready sum worn insignificantly
Dragging variables shrinking sense
Arithmetic, fractions, division, geometry
Hugely gambled for abandoned rent
Nothing nostalgic in negativity
Fractals residing inside of me
Data, graphs, growing stats
Many signs factored thoroughly
More than less than greater tasks
Remaining intelligence owning symmetry
Measuring up, do the math
Show your work, needing class
Using numerals writing slowly
Numbers quoted values last
Quality multiplied exponentially
Nothing more than intelligent facts
Shaping equally
Squaring x’s in this rap


Hello Reader,
By serious counting, squares are where we multiply values gaining greater worth. Years really fly by juggling numbers in our heads going along each day. These numbers freely direct what we do. Add time aware calculating your value and square it. You count two.









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