Sharing The Key

To Whispering Through,


Torment whole and real

No way to say how you feel


Glimmering in the much filling light

Praying over ripped dreams

Waking to your silent scream


These healing words I send

Texting you

Seemingly others ascending through

Voicing typed with six years flying by

Words keeping knowledge alive


Yesterday holds incomplete thoughts

Quietly spoken

Fluent whispers


Following the lock knowing the way through is with the keys to light your way

Use the letters and spell what others simply say


My request is as soon as the voice inside has freed

Light the way

Share the key


Your friend,

Silent e


Moments shared with our storms residing seriously make our acknowledgment of friendships more valuable. Glad for the new friends I am able to make. Knowing how I can talk more quickly helps me make more meaningful relationships. Passing kindness, presenting much needed help, taking the time to share how those with no voice can be heard. Sharing The Key is a new message in my efforts to help others like me.


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