Not Disabled

My kind cousin Emmy asked me how  my disabilities  effect me. She was writing about nonverbal people with autism. I think my readers may also wonder the same as she did. This was my reply.


Please understand that who I am is not defined by what I am unable to do. Piquing my curiosity more, I wonder, who will understand voices with no sound?

Undefined vision makes my world more visually unique. Pieces open in my sight friends, all the time. Using new vision my understanding of why people said I was blind is more clear. Seeing like I do places perspective right where it should be. When I make new friends I easily see in their heart with love.

Share some love. Take time to hear what voicing with no sound will teach you about words. They should be given much thought.


2 thoughts on “Not Disabled

  1. Wow! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I SOOOO AGREE THE WAY WE ALL SHOULD SEE!! So tucked your words away in my heart, thank you just SUCH A SPECIAL MESSAGE to the world!! ❤ On brother~

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  2. Wow i so love your perspective & insight, there is soooooo much more to us than words, i love you can see straight threw us into our hearts, as i do yours sweet sweet soul , may we all learn to be more like you & less about the words , much love , kristy & Evie

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